Putting Up The Christmas Lights

It’s that time of year…Christmas light day….yup, I spent the afternoon putting the Christmas lights on the house, as I described it to my neighbor, turning the place a little more ‘redneck’ than it already was.

I put lights on the veranda railing, the stairs, the trees and everything in between. Of course I didn’t take the time to see if they were working before I did that, so what I have now is a lot of lights then no lights then lights again…and so on….oops….oh well…I’ll put another string over top to cover the holes.

My wife just looked out and shook her head….she apparently wasn’t impressed.

That’s one thing about living in the city that I will miss when and if we ever manage to move to the cottage permanently…there aren’t many boats going by the place at night in December to appreciate my Christmas lights, even though I plan to do the place up right….lights on every spruce tree, and spotlights on the camp!

Actually, I am kidding a bit, but I do wonder what that will be like. Our place is hidden from the road, and there really aren’t many boats going by in December, so decorating the cottage may be a little bit of a waste of time and electricity. On the other hand, what’s Christmas without lights on the house? Ever since I was a lad, my father decorated our house with lights, some of them requiring quite a bit of ladder work as he like to put them on the peak, which was very high.

In those days there was a competition in the city, and folks would get first, second and third prize for the most elaborately decorated house. Dad never won, although, even today, he still says one year he got “honorable mention” from the then Mayor. Although Mom doesn’t remember that happening…..

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