Fall Cottage Pics

My lovely wife and I made a trip to the cottage this past Sunday to ensure all was OK and it was, thankfully. It turned out to be a lovely calm day, not a breath of wind on the lake, made me want to stay. So we ended up doing a little work. I closed up the veranda with some old plywood and tarps that I had in the garage, to keep the snow and rain off the deck, while she cut some kindling.

I have to admit, boarding the front up like this makes the place look ‘shacky’ but it serves the purpose, and it does keep snow off the veranda, and helps protect the front picture window. Eventually I hope to screen the deck in, and possibly glass it in, but all that takes money and time.

But the lake still looks great, I could sit and look at it for the rest of my life and never tire of the changing look of the water, the shoreline and the sky.

As usual I wish I was there now instead of getting ready to go to work……yuck….

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