Two Loons

Here are two fellows that spend a good deal of time in the cove in front of our cottage. I like to think they hang around my camp because they know I am a fisherman and respect me. They know that aside from them, there is no one on the lake that is as good at catching fish…..ha-ha! It’s more like it that they hang around in front of my place because they know that I don’t catch many fish, so there are always lots around for them.

Actually I don’t think a lake would be a lake without a family of loons on the water. Now, as I sit inside the house in the city, I long for the sound of these two buggers on the lake, calling to each other, taunting me, saying “we’re betttterrrrr” “we’re bettttterrrrrr” or whatever it is they are saying…that is one thing about the call of a loon, it can be almost anything you want it to be….Sometimes when we have a campfire in the evening we listen to them calling out on the dark water and imagine what it is they are saying to each other…it can be quite amusing….of course it might be because there is some liquor involved….

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3 thoughts on “Two Loons”

  1. Hope my comments don't post twice – I got booted just now.
    Anyways – I'm so glad you and Denise also have loons – I just love them!
    P.S. When they make their low "hoot,hoot" call – that is a sign of affection & reassurance to each other.
    When they do their tremolo – crazy laughter call – it is because they feel threatened and/or they are letting others know that this is their territory.

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