Summer Sunset Remembered

I probably posted this photo before, but what the heck…it’s a cold November night with about 30cm of snow on the ground outside. It’s kind of a nice night to sit back with a drink, look at the fire and dream about some summer nights watching the sunset over the lake at the camp!

Nature and the weather are interesting…it’s hard to believe that a view so warm beautiful would be so cold and forbidding depending on the time of year. I wish I had a picture of this same view on a day like today, but alas….(I love saying ‘alas’) I wouldn’t want to go through the snow to get it. Besides, it wouldn’t be near as nice as this one. Sometimes it’s better to remember things the way they were rather than the way they are….
I entitled this post “Summer Sunset” but actually I think this picture was taken closer to October, one of those wonderful weekends my wife and I spent at the cottage this Fall. I wish I was there now….

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