Shutting Off The Water – Correction

I recently had a comment from a reader, Bill, who mentioned that I had left off a couple of important points my in my post, Shutting Off The Water Winter Is Coming,….oops….Bill is absolutely correct. Thank you Bill, I appreciate the comments.

So, rather than try to take credit myself, I have reprinted Bill’s comment here, and as well, added it to the original post.

Two things one needs to be concerned with when following your “Shutting Off The Water – Winter is Coming!” instructions. The very first thing I do, since I burned out my hot water tank elements one year, is to make sure the power to the hot water tank is disconnected either by switch, taking out the fuse or by switching off the breaker. It only takes a few seconds of the heating elements exposed to air to burn out. Secondly, if you leave your toilet nice and dry, make sure you fill a large sock with dry sand to stuff down into the bottom of the bowl to avoid methane gas from coming back from the septic tank into the cottage. Other than that, great instructions…….Bill

Thanks again and folks…don’t be shy, correct me if I go off track…..

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