Portable Drill For The Cottage

One of the handiest tools I have around the cottage is my cordless electric drill. I often refer to it as the ‘screw-gun’ although it really isn’t. It is much more versatile than a screw-gun, although it can be used as one.

Since I got my cordless drill, I haven’t used a hammer nearly as much. It’s just so convenient and easy to use the drill, and less work too, plus you have the added advantage of putting it in reverse and unscrewing what ever you “screwed up” and trying again…For example, if you drive a screw through your foot while replacing some boards on the dock, you can slip the drill into reverse and pull it out, usually before you pass out…

Seriously, cordless drills are very useful, they can replace a hammer, great for getting something fastened to the wall, like a pair of moose antlers, or a mirror. They can be used in place of a hammer, very handy for anyone who has to fasten something above his head, like when you are strapping the cottage ceiling for gyprock or screwing a new set of hinges on the outhouse door. It’s also much easier to use a cordless drill in odd places that cottagers find themselves, like shimmining up the flag pole to replace the pulley, or under the cottage working on the water pump, or in the attic, putting screen over the attic vents to keep bats out…great uses for a cordless drill….you can use it to screw your cottage name sign to the side of the camp….or screw your friends sandals to the wharf while she is swimming…that is always funny….see lots of reasons to have a cordless drill!

These days there are lots of attachments for these drills, they are reasonably lightweight and they hold a charge for a long time. I haven’t been far from mine since I got it. In fact, while most days I don’t know exactly where my hammer is, I always know where my cordless drill is….I’m funny that way….

So, with Christmas just around the corner, I have left an open copy of Consumer Reports laying around home with the page that gives the Makita 6347DWDE 18-Volt NiMH Cordless Drill/Driver Kit a CR Best Buy rating, making it one of the best drills on the market, at least according to Consumer Reports, a magazine I have come to live by. This cordless drill fits the category of heavy use, which is always a good thing…power…yeah baby!!

I’m hoping that someone in the family takes the hint and buys me one for Christmas…my wife keeps folding the CR magazine up and putting it away, which is becoming a bit annoying…neat freak….

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