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As a cottager, I like outdoor gear. Some of that is because I am not just a cottager, I am a fisherman and hunter, as well as a boat owner etc. In other words, I like all things outdoors. I think most cottagers do, we’re not all hunters and fishers, but we love the outdoors and things outdoorsy. That’s why I get excited when I find a place offering a sporting goods catalog, I love getting those in the mail. I get the L.L. Bean catalog regularly.

I have to admit, one of the reasons I like the L.L. Bean catalog is because of the outdoorsy names they give their products. For example, they never say ‘men’s shirt’ they say “Two-Layer River Driver’s Shirt” or “Moose River Hat” or “Wool Cruiser Jacket” I love that…I can’t stop, what about “Wilderness Hunter’s Boots” or “Danner Pronghorn Boots” and one of my favorites, “Bean’s Maine Guide Zip Front Jac Shirt” C’mon…what would you rather do, go hunting in your boots and flannel shirt, or go hunting in your “Big Game Tracker Boots” and “Bean’s 4-in-1 Big Game Parka”?? …I thought so….makes going hunting so much more fun when your boots have a specialty name….

Well now I can add another outdoor catalog to my mail. I’ve recently discovered that there is a another player in town when it comes to outdoor sporting goods. I came across Gander Mtn through an advertisement, then found myself losing quite a bit of time as I browsed through all the hunting, fishing, boating and other outdoor products they offer.

Gander Mtn isn’t new I guess, but it is to me.

They have stores located all over the Eastern half of the United States and they also offer a catalog and online shopping. Their products look like quality products and they have a pretty wide selection of outdoor related things from apparel, fishing, hunting, boating, power sports, camping, even footwear! They also offer a wide selection of sporting firearms from the major manufacturers. Their website has a Bragging Board, Gun Owners Club and a section for Advice and Tips. www.gandermountain.com

While I haven’t personally tried any of their gear, I am familiar with many of the names and know that it is all top stuff.

You can find Gander Mtn Here! and my personal favorite, L.L.Bean Here!

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