First Snow

Do you use your cottage year round, or is it just a summer place? I have found that we alternate between winters when we seem to spend a lot of time at the cottage, and winters when we seldom see the place. Personally, I think that’s a shame…because I know we are missing some good times by staying home, tucked away in the rec room, playing on the computer or watching television.

There are some special moments around a cottage and or a lake in the fall, like for example, the first snow of the year! Take for example this picture from Northern Michigan Experience from my blogger buddy, Shelley. No slouch when it comes to great pictures, Shelly has captured that moment when you look out and see the first snow of the year covering the ground, and turning the trees white. The woods take on a stillness that is so peaceful and relaxing, it’s hard to not enjoy it, even though you know it is first sign of a long cold winter….which in my opinion is every winter…long and cold….

One of the things I plan to do when and if I am lucky enough to get out of the job I have and retire to the cottage is hold an ice-in contest with my friends, as we guess when the lake will be frozen completely across for the first time each winter. That is always fun, as is the ice-out date which, as my daughter would say, is even ‘funner’

But for now I have to content myself with some other contests like…first time I had to scrap ice off my windshield to drive to work, or first time the snowblower has started this year, first snowplow on the street, first day I call in sick because I can’t face another cold day waiting for the bus….you know the drill….

Check out Shelley’s picture at Northern Michigan Experience It will get you thinking….

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3 thoughts on “First Snow”

  1. Hi Rob! I think I was a polar bear in a former life. I like your ice in contest idea – then I think you should celebrate by going ice skating to really test the ice! :-)
    Thank you as always for mentioning my blog – you are too kind!
    (Hi Denise! Glad you & Rob have connected w/ each other as well as I enjoy both of your blogs!!)

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