Cottage Cabin Cookin’

Hey cottagers! It’s fall and the beginning of hunting season, time for some thinking about….you guessed it, food! I love to eat, and as my wife will tell you, it’s hard to find something I don’t like, in fact, except for spagatini, and those awful little curly pasta thingys, I like just about anything put in front of me.

Meals are important at the camp. In fact, many cottage meals become memories, pleasant remembrances of happy times. I remember several ‘big meals’ we have had in the past. On our annual deer hunting trip to the deer camp, the meals may very well have been the best part of the trip. We were lucky to have my father in law in the group, the person I can best describe as a top notch camp cook! The meals he managed to whip up for six to eight hungry were always fantastic, never boring and always filling. I liked going hunting in those days just for the suppers….

I’m particularly fond of spicy foods like chili, which leads me to tell you that Denise, over at Vintage Log Cabin has posted a delicious recipe for what she calls, Halloween Chili

Another of my favorite recipes is Hamburger Hash A cholesteral, fried concoction that goes down great at the hunting camp, especially if you combine it with Hash Browns Oh my….I am getting hungry….

We always enjoy a ‘boiled dinner’ at the cottage, particularly during hunting season. Vegetables such as turnip, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and ham, boiled all day long in a big pot. It’s simple to make, easy to eat. We usually begin by boiling the ham first, after about an hour, drain it and put fresh water on it to remove some of the salty taste. Then bring it back to a boil, and add turnip, then carrots and potatoes, and then the cabbage. Let ‘er cook while you sit in your tree stand, and then when you get home, supper will be almost ready. Drain the water off, and serve….this is a meal fit for men…manly men…men who don’t take their cabbage lightly…..

Given that I am really the worst cook in the world, please don’t follow my instructions to the letter. If you don’t know how to cook, do what I did, find a woman who does!

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