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Sunday night and home from the cottage. Geez I hate Sunday nights….oh my….We had a great weekend just relaxing, taking it easy, laying around the camp, enjoying the view of the lake and the leaves turning color for fall. Oh yeah, I also found time to cut down 8 trees, saw them up and split them into firewood. I am on a firewood kick these past couple of weeks….

Yes, I got that damm chain saw going again, and I tell ya, it’s just like I have some kind of addiction. I get the chainsaw going and I have to cut down a tree…then another…then another….then…oh well you get the picture. Actually this is all planned cutting as I am truly trying to save the trees that border the lake and make cover for fish and wildlife. On the other hand, we burn wood for heat, and part of the reason we have a little woodlot is to get wood for heat.

This week it was a mixture of spruce, maple, poplar and even an old pine that fell to my Sachs Dolmar chain saw. Ever since I got the new chain and bar that saw has been doing it’s job in fine style. My buddy next door came over and scaled a big pine tree for me to put a rope on it. Then with him pulling and me cutting, we dropped it right between the cottage and the shed, and both of them are still intact….which of course is a good thing…especially considering my insurance woes….

Needless to say, we are starting to have a wonderful big pile of firewood, which I find somehow comforting. It’s going to be a year or so before the wood is really dry enough to burn, but that’s even better. By next year, we’ll be set. I’m going to stack some of it under the cottage, and some in the shed to keep it dry. The rest I will leave out in the open to let the sun and wind dry it.

I think I have mentioned this before, but the beauty of doing your own wood cutting is that you can control the length of the wood. The secret to easy wood spliting is to cut the wood short. You need to make a few more cuts, but it’s worth it. What would you rather do, cut a few more pieces of wood with a chain saw, or break your back and arms trying to split wood that is too long. I cut my wood about 12-14 inches long, any longer than that and it get’s tougher to split. Some wood I cut even shorter, especially if it’s is big in diameter.

My wife helped with some of the cleanup, gathering up some of the brush, and loading the wheelbarrow, much like she did last week. Not too much mind you, because she has to take it easy, especially bending over. But she isn’t good at sitting still or just watching.

These past two weekends have been special for my wife and I, considering how close we came to a very different outcome with her recent medical emergency, it has somehow made our little weekend getaways even more important than ever. It is great to have the cottage to escape to on Friday night.

Now I am looking forward to the next one….

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a little picture of the view from the cottage this weekend. Nothing special, just the view that I want to look at until I die….

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3 thoughts on “More Cottage Woodcutting”

  1. Too funny. You just described our weekend. Me on the chainsaw and my wife cleaning away the brush.

    In another parallel, my wife underwent a bone marrow transplant eight years ago for non-hodgkins lymphoma. Today, she’s healthy as a horse and I can hardly keep up. I’m glad to hear that things have worked out for your family.

    Here is our view this past weekend:

    Here’s one of three new stacks of wood. Birch on the deck en route to the fireplace. New birch and oak under the deck. And softwood down near the firepit.

    All the best. And again, I enjoy your site!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Shellmo, I am still in love with you….and Gregm, that picture of the lake is fantastic, and the wood stacker is a great idea. I’m glad to hear your wife is eight years healthy, it’s wonderful what the docs can do these days.

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