Disconnecting The Cottage Water

Well the time finally arrived. I had to disconnect the water at the cottage this weekend….I hate that. But, try as I might to avoid it, or to refuse to accept that summer is over and winter is just around the corner, the inevitable happens. This morning when I got up the cottage was cold, and there was a heavy frost on the car. I knew it was time…

Yes, the past few weekends have been great, and even the weather during the days has been mild, but the nights are becoming cooler. I could have gotten away with leaving things as they were for another week, maybe even another few weeks, but that starts to get dicey. Plus, there is always the danger of something unforseen happening, that makes it impossible to get away, to get to the camp in time to pull the water.

I remember doing it one year with my Dad in the dark, we had left it too long, and suddenly the weather had turned, the temperatures dropped, and he said it had to be done asap. So we went one night after work. It’s not bad taking it off at night, but it gets cold crawling around underneath a cottage in November, getting soaking wet with water running out of the pipes.

That’s why I decided to do it this weekend, while the weather was still in my favor, as was time. So this morning as my wife defrosted the refridgerator and packed up the perisibles, I started shutting off the water and draining the system.

It’s done, we’re home, and everything put away. I brought the old Southern piston pump home because I am planning to refurbish it this winter, and have it ready for spring. Perhaps we can turn that it into a full Cottage Chronicles posts, “Refurbishing The Piston Pump” hmmmm……it has possiblities….

I also brought home my outboard motor too, so if anyone is planning to steal my Evinrude outboard, good luck, it’s home…with me….and my shotgun….

Who needs insurance when you have a Mossberg….

If anyone is wondering what you need to do to disconnect your cottage water, I wrote about it in this post Shutting Off The Water Step by step instructions for disconnecting your cottage water.

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One thought on “Disconnecting The Cottage Water”

  1. I printed off your 'closing the cottage' and 'shutting off the water' posts prior to heading up north this past weekend. Both came in handy, along with the note from the person who sold us the cottage last summer.
    Thanks for the help!

    p.s. – Do you have any thoughts on how to 'store' a floating dock that's too big to come out of the water? It's a small lake.

    p.p.s. – Here's a cool sunset from a few weeks back (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4435658&id;=758280290) at our place. I saw your subsequent post about photos. I always say, "You didn't see the 5,000 I deleted before I got that one!"

    Thanks for your site.

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