Deer Hunting – Rattling Up A Buck…..

Although my lust for blood has weakend dramatically over the last few years, I still like to go on the odd deer hunting trip.

I hold the title of being the least successful of all deer hunters…possibly in the world, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to grab the gun, my orange hat and coat and head off into the woods behind the cottage for a day of chasing whitetail deer.

Better put, it’s a day of looking at deer tracks and scat….I have seen a lot of deer scat in my time as an outdoorsy person…..

However, I am getting off track….pardon the pun. What I really like to do when I am deer hunting is to try and ‘rattle up a buck’ something that I first learned about from reading Field And Stream and Outdoor Life magazines as a youth.

It boils down to pretending that you are two bucks fighting, which is supposed to attract real bucks who come in for a piece of the action, or to try and steal the does who are casually standing around watching the boys being boys.

It works.

I have successfully rattled up several over the years, one who came in so close that he was standing behind my wife and I when I stood up and announced that there were no deer in the area….did she laugh when the buck snorted at my comments and took off before I could even get the gun near my shoulder.

I like to think I taught him a good lesson….much like I did with several other deer who have fallen for my rattling, only to discover that it’s me, the worst shot in the forest. One big fella actually stood still while I fired three shots at him, each one placed directly into the birch tree in front of him….then he snickered, gave me the hoof and ran away….well…actually he strolled away, confident that I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn let alone deer.

Unfortunately, several days later, that fellow mistook my father in law for me and got a costly surprise, as my father in law was a much better shot….Dad said the buck looked pretty cocky until the last minute.

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  1. Rob – Greg & I watched that video – good laugh! the best part is when that crazy guy was running around in the leaves rattling those antlers! At least you get to see the deer – Greg is a good shot he just needs some bucks to come his way.

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