Cabin and Cottage Handcrafted Signs

Hey folks, it’s amazing how much cottage and camp stuff you can find if you go looking for it. I hate to say it, but I think we cotttagers are what marketers might call ‘easy marks’ because we love to buy ‘stuff’ for our wilderness cottages, camps and cabins.

Cabin Signs

I know that I have a hard time passing up anything camp, fishing or hunting related when it comes to cottage decor. That’s why I had to stop and look at some of these cool camp signs like this hand crafted “Welcome To Our Camp” sign with green pine trees and natural twig and branch accents. This sign is 10.5″ tall x 18″ wide, made of wood.

That isn’t the only one available, there are several including this one featuring a Black Bear Welcome Sign

As well as the above, there are several others including slogans like:
“Welcome Friends”
“Welcome To The Adirondacks”
“Wilderness Welcome”
Moose Welcome Sign
“There’s No Place Like Camp”

Or, if fishing is your game, and your camp is on a lake or river, what about one of these Trout Fish Welcome Signs

Check them out, there is nothing like a sign to add some character and memorability to your camp! Speaking of cool cabin signs….my blogger buddy Shelley has a picture of some nice looking signs Here These are a tad more elaborate, but very nice.

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  1. well hubby would definitely be hankering for that fishing sign! I have to keep reminding him we named our cabin “The Loon’s Nest” -not The Fishing Pond!

  2. Hello, I’ve been peeking at Shelley’s links. This is a fantastic link of hers. I’ll check back here often. Check out my new blog at

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