A Hat With Lights….cool idea….

A friend of mine was here for supper last night and bless his heart, he brought me a little token of appreciation, a ball cap. I love ball caps, in fact, I love hats of any kind, but this particular one I really love!

It’s one of these new lighted caps Yup, it has two little batteries hidden in the head band, and two LED lights in the peak.

All you do is press a button on the peak, and presto, you’ve got light!

These are a great idea, with hundreds if not thousands of reasons to have one or two! Now let’s be factual, it isn’t enough light to guide a float plane down on your cottage lake, but it is enough to go out to the woodpile in the dark and get an armload of wood without having to carry a flashlight in one hand.

It would also be great for walking back to the boat in the dark after an evening fishing in the back lakes when the fishing is good and you stay too late…..Terrific for guys who reaching middle age find they have to get up more often in the night and go to the bathroom, just keep your hat by your bed, slip it on and away you go, no running into walls and heck, might even hit the bowl….

If you need to crawl under your cottage at night to fix the leaking water pump, grab your hat! Want to discourage your cottage neighbors from visiting too long? Just pull on your hat, turn on the lights and keep looking at them….

Slip it on to go out in the dark and chase away the raccoons that are into the garbage can, you’ll have both hands free to carry other things if you know what I mean….

Or perhaps you can use it to dazzle the highway patrol officer when he comes up to the window of your truck and asks for your licence. I’m sure he will be impressed as you shine you lights on the handcuffs in his hand…..

Ever since I got mine I have been shutting the lights off in the house and walking around with my lights on…these are the real meaning of headlights…..

Having the lights built into the cap are way ahead of the spot light that you strap on with a head band that keeps falling down over your eyes when you sweat, or gets tight when your head swells because someone says they like your cool light….OK I am rambling now….sorry, I just get excited when I get something new and cool like my new lighted cap!

Here I am wearing a hat with lights, my wife took the picture in the dark but the camera flash ruined the effect…and as she said, and I quote, “The lights are on, but no one is home in there…..”

Now this………(long pause like Horatio Caine on CSI Miami always does when he talks)…would make a great Christmas gift for a cottager!!Order yours here!-lighted caps
I put mine on last night, when my wife was asleep and then stared at her in the dark…..until she woke up….now I have to order a new hat…..

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