The Changing Season

Well cottagers….summer is turning a corner and now we find ourselves in September, what can be one of the nicest months here in the east, but also one of the saddest. The swimming is all but over except for the most hardy among us, and the days are already showing signs of getting a little shorter. The cottage vegetable garden is just about finished, my beans all picked, although the carrots and corn are still growing.

Technically it’s still summer. But when the kiddies go back to school, something changes, it doesn’t seem as much like summer anymore. Fall, or autumn as we like to call it, is just around the corner.

But September can also be a great month for getting stuff done around the camp. It’s a little cooler, more condusive to working, and the flies are mostly gone. It’s time to cut some firewood, pull the wharf out of the water, prepare your outboard for winter and till the garden.

It’s also getting close to the time when I like to take a stroll into the woods and have a look around for deer sign, perhaps scout out a place to spend some sunny November afternoons in chase of an elusive whitetail. I don’t really like to shoot them, but I do like to go hunting for them, funny about that….There was a time when I would go to the end of the earth to hunt deer, but these days I find myself happy to stick closer to the cottage. It gives me a home base, and a nice comfortable camp for those days when it’s more pleasant to stick close to the fire, perhaps looking out the window occasionally to see if a monster buck has for some reason wandered into the front yard…which of course is good in theory, but not so productive in reality.

Lately we have been trying to make the cottage less of a summer home and more of an all season home, or at least three season home. Instead of pulling up stakes in September we have been hanging on longer, going to the cottage until almost Christmas unless the snow comes early. We enjoy the fall colors, the changing season, and the thinning out of people around the cottage.

Autumn is also a great time to bring out your fall cottage wardrobe, like this Woolrich Women’s Barn Coat

There is nothing as comfortable as a barn coat for all around wear, great for cottage weekends or a stroll through the autumn forests. This one is by Woolrich and has a removable polyester fleece liner. Puurrrfect!

And for the guys….well…you will be the talk of cottage country when you are strolling your cottage lane in your Country Gentleman II jacket made from…are you ready for this…”naturally rugged Timber Calf leather” Giddy-up! this is stylin’

There ya go, we want you looking good at the cottage.
Speaking of the changing season, now is a good time to remind us all that mice and rodents are having a look around this time of year, wondering where might make a good place to spend a cold winter. So be a little extra cautious with open doors and windows, etc, places where a clever rodent can slip in quickly and get comfortable. I have some ideas about dealing with mice and rats on one of my other little blogs, Get Rid Of Mice

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