Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting For The Cottage

Solar Powered Lights

Although we do like to stick to tradition in some things, we’re not what you would call old fashioned around our cottage. We have a television, microwave, and other creature comforts. We also have old furniture, some kerosene lanterns and an old set of moose antlers hanging on the wall.

One thing that has come along in recent years that we’ve come to enjoy around the camp are solar powered lights. Although solar powered lights don’t necessarily offer the brightest light, they do lend a certain air of comfort to the great outdoors, especially when we arrive late on a Friday night, before we get the electric lights turned on.

In fact, I have one solar powered light mounted right beside the padlock on the cottage door, to aid in finding the right key to get the cottage opened.

I also have placed some solar powered lights in the ground around all four sides of the cottage. They act more as marker lights than anything, but they do help you find your way in the dark.

A couple solar powered lights in the driveway used to light the way home from the neighbors for my daughters. I also have a couple solar lights in the two corners of our cottage garden, just to make it look a little brighter and friendlier at night.

Dock Marker Lights

I even have a couple solar lights fastened to the pipes that anchor my floating wharf, which act as marker lights for finding the wharf in the dark.

These days solar light come in lots of styles, shapes, and uses. I’ve found that the standard ‘stick in the ground’ solar lights are the most practical because they have a ‘use anywhere’ style that comes in handy.

I purchased a Ten-Light Solar Powered Light Kit, a couple of years ago, and they are still going strong.

I haven’t got the nerve to spend a lot of money on solar lights because they are easy to steal, just pull them out of ground and away you go. So I figured keeping the cost down was probably practical. I can replace them cheaply if they are stolen, but they are cheap enough that no one can be bothered stealing them. A win-win situation.

Usually when we are at the cottage, we have an electric powered spotlight on the driveway and the boats and wharf, but since I got the solar powered lights urge, I find I use the spotlights less and less. The light from the solar powered lights is enough to find your way around, without being as intrusive as a big spotlight.

One thing I am seriously considering is a couple of these Designers Edge 9 LED Motion Activated Solar Floodlights I think they would add a bit of security around the perimeter of the cottage when we aren’t around.

If you haven’t got some solar lighting for your cottage yet, I encourage you to get a few. They are worth the little bit of money they cost to buy.

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