Shutting Off The Water At The Cottage

First of all, let me say thank you once more for all of your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers while my wife has been going through what has been a difficult time. I am happy to say she seems to be doing well, at home with me looking after her now….oh that might not be good…we were to her family doctor today who was somewhat amazed at what she has been through in the past week, but, other than her blood pressure a little high, he was pleased with the outcome as well. So what happens now is a lot of rest, a bunch of doctor appointments and hopefully, a good recovery.

So with that in mind, it’s time to get back to the matters at hand, getting the cottage ready for winter….

I know it is a little early, but I thought it might be a good time to remind you that it will soon be the time of year us cottager’s don’t really enjoy. Yup, it’s almost time to shut off the water, drain the pipes and get your camp or cottage closed up for winter.

I know you are thinking I am a bit premature here, it’s only September, and the weather is still good, especially here in the North East. However, the farther north you go, the sooner freezing temperatures arrive, and the risk of a burst pipe. Not only that, as the weather get’s colder, taking the water off becomes less pleasant. Personally, I like to do it under half decent weather conditions, when it’s warmer, so that I am not crawling around under the camp in the cold and damp.

I also know from experience that you need to have a bit of a planned time to do this, and try to stick to it. Shutting off the cottage water is not a job you want to put off too long. If something unexpected happens, (like my wife’s recent health emergency) you need to have a little wiggle room to get to the cottage and get things drained before the pipes freeze.

Rather than go through the process of shutting off the cottage water again, I am going to point you to an earlier post Shutting Off The Water that you might find helpful.

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3 thoughts on “Shutting Off The Water At The Cottage”

  1. So happy to hear your wife was released to go home. That is a much more relaxing atmosphere and I’m sure she is in good hands with the one that loves her.
    My best and continued prayers are with you both.