Prospecting For Gold At The Cottage

My wife and I were enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon at the cottage when the phone rang. It was our 24 year old son, calling to say he had bought some gold prospecting equipment and wondering if I was interested in taking him up the lake to some likely looking good panning spots.

Of course I was. I am always up for an adventure of this type, and gold prospecting, well, it has a certain ‘allure’ that can’t be beat. He showed up about an hour later, with his 10″ Gold Pan Mining Panning Prospecting Dredge Tool and a
Estwing Rock Pick and a copy of Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun & Profit!

I had the aluminum boat gased up and ready to go, including my Metal Detector and so with a wave to his Mom, we were off to seek our gold fortunes in the untamed wilderness at the head of our cottage lake. As I piloted the open aluminum boat up the lake visions of the Cadilliac Esplanade and the huge new cottage I would soon own, danced in my head.

I beached the boat on a gravel shoreline, in a spot that I think, and still do think, is a likely looking spot to pan for gold. We unloaded the rock pick, the gold panning pans and a shovel, and the metal detector, donned rubber boots and started walking up the little stream that ran down off the hill into the lake.

Well…we dug and we panned, scooping up shovelfuls of gravel and mud, swirling it around in water in our pans, gently working all of the bigger stones and gravel out over the side until all that was left was the fine sand, and of course the gold nuggets….well…actually all that was left was the sand…I gotta tell ya, prospecting is back breaking work, bending over a stream, swirling the pan around, digging in the sides of the bank, scooping up gravel, swatting at flies and occasionally glancing around to make sure no bears found us.

Well…I have new appreciation for the gold prospectors of years ago. It isn’t quite as easy as I thought. But, I did find what I believe to be a native arrowhead, from a long time ago. Well, it might be an arrowhead, or it might just be a pointy stone, but I was happy with the idea that it was an arrowhead. Made the trip worthwhile, that and spending an afternoon with my son, just the two of us, focused on one thing, working together, as we used to do, before life and work took him away from me. Now, with a new shared interest, I look forward to some more days together on some wilderness streambank, digging for gold, who cares if we find any…..

If you’ve an interest in doing some gold panning yourself, this looks like an interesting resource, it’s not expensive, but seems to have lots of information about how to go about looking for gold and even treasure. Click Here!
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4 thoughts on “Prospecting For Gold At The Cottage”

  1. We may not have found much this time Shelley, but we’re ever optimistic…I’m gonna be rich…
    Ha ha or at least I will have some fun!

  2. From what I have read on your site so far it sounds like we may be on the same lake. If so there are some old workings that you and your son might have fun at.
    I am still hauling around a collection of rocks from a trip we made 30 or so years ago that I am convinced are full of gold. One of these days I am going to incorporate them into my hearth.