Mystery Flashlight

When my wife and I arrived at our cottage last Friday night, I was relieved as I usually am, to discover it wasn’t burned down, or worse, broken into and vandalized or burgled. I’m always happy to see the cabin security is in good order and usually whisper a little thanks to the cottage gods for looking after it for me.

This week, I found something that made me a little uneasy when I got out of the car and headed for the steps. There on the ground in front of the bottom stair, was a flashlight. Not my flashlight mind you, not one I had ever seen before. It was one of the new flashlights that you shake to charge. No batteries, no fuss, just shake it up a few times and it works. Well the one I found wasn’t working, but I took it apart and frigged around with it for a few minutes, put it back together gave it a few shakes and presto, I had light….

Finding the handy little flashlight kind of distracted me for a moment, but it hit me that whomever had lost it by my back door….well….what were they up to? The flashlight implies that their visit to the cottage was in the dark, at night, when no lights were on, and a light was needed. A light that they intended to use to see the lock they were going to break? Or to try and shine in a window to see what might be inside worth stealing?

That’s not all, at the back of the camp someone had put an old pallet that I had intended for stacking firewood up against the cottage, like a ladder. That gave them the height to see in the window, the one place where the curtains weren’t completely closed. It’s also a window that is fairly well hidden from the road, giving someone a chance to try to pry it open without being seen.

What’s more, I ‘canvassed the neighorhood’ as they say on Law and Order, and none of my neighbors owned the flashlight, nor did I think they would. One of my neighbors said he walked around our place the day before, and didn’t see a flashlight. Where I found it, I don’t think he would have missed it had it been there at the time.

So I am left to wonder, was someone trying to break in to my cottage? Or was it just someone curious who wanted a peek inside. If that was the case, wouldn’t a peek in the daylight be better? Nope…I think who ever owns the flashlight was up to no good….as Sherlock Holmes once said, “Wake up Watson! The game’s afoot!”

I have no idea what that means but I thought it fit in here nicely…..

I am doing some CSI work on the found flashlight now, looking for fibres, fingerprints and DNA….the game’s afoot, and I am on the trail….

On the flip side, it is a cool little flashlight. Very lightweight, and it works very well, a few shakes and you’ve got light that lasts a long time. I love it…it is just like this one:
Forever Flashlight – Shake Flashlight No Batteries Needed, Just Shake to Recharge 7.5″

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