Moose Hunting

Fall is certainly in the air this morning, and in fall, a young outdoorsman’s mind turns to…wait…let me rephrase that, a middle aged outdoorsman’s mind turns to moose.

We don’t have many moose around the cottage, and those that are around are pretty elusive and protected. However, there are some moose hunting opportunities within a day’s drive from here.

Moose hunting to be more specific. It’s that time of year when dedicated moose hunters and guides take to the northwoods in search of the huge creatures. The reason why this time of year is best for moose hunting is because it is their mating season, or ‘rut’ as it is called. This means a horny bull moose can be called in, using various moose calls, the most popular being a birch bark ‘horn’ which is really just a piece of birch bark rolled up into a megaphone shape.

The hunter or his guide, use the moose call to attract the moose, get his attention with the idea that there is an amorous cow moose just over the hill waiting for him. If’s he’s more of a fighter than a lover, sometimes they will come to a call that imitates another bull, instead of a cow moose.

Although I’ve never been on an actual moose hunt with a gun, I have taken part in some moose calling adventures on a couple of occasions, and let me tell you, when you get a response to your groans and grunts, it is hair raising. It’s even more hair raising when you see a huge rack of moose antlers appear in the alders coming in your direction. That’s when you wish you had the gun, or find yourself praying that the guy who does is a good shot. You don’t want to hear him say something like, “I forgot my glasses” or “I never shot this gun before, hope it’s sighted in…”

Here is a video of some hunters calling a big bull moose close to their camp. Don’t worry, the moose lives….

Moose are the largest species in the deer family. In North America, The word moose is derived from the Algonquian Eastern Native Abenaki name moz, meaning “he trims, shaves”.
On average, an adult moose stand 6–7 feet high at the shoulder and bulls weigh 850–1580 pounds. Females weigh 600–800 pounds although I think this number is a little low.

There is something magical about standing on the shore of a small backwoods lake at daybreak in early fall, listening to your guide call and hearing the response from the woods across the lake. If wetting your pants can be called magical…..
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If you are interested in learning more about calling moose, here is are a couple of resources:

Calling Trophy Moose (VHS)

Moose Hunting (book)

Whether you hunt or not, calling a huge bull moose is a lot of fun and excitement, be sure to bring your camera…and a change of clothes….

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