Happiness Is A Big Pile of Wood

I’ve written about the happiness I attain from having a big pile of firewood at the cottage, so this is almost a repost, but this is the 2008 version….

My wife, busy recuperating from her recent hospital procedure and I might as well say it, ‘fright’ decided she wanted to go to the cottage this past weekend. Of course, she got no argument from me, I’m always up for a trip to the cottage. Especially when I have a new bar and chain for my Sachs Dolmar chain saw.

We’ve been burning the furniture and whatever else we could find so I knew it was time to start cutting some wood. Bearing in mind what I said in my previous post about cutting down trees around the cottage, I went next door and cut down my neighbors…..no I didn’t, I’m just kidding.

Actually we had a maple tree that had been leaning quite badly since the last hurricane we had so I figured it was time to bring it down, and I did, along with some old spruce or fir trees that were dead or dying a slow death from some kind of blight.

The new bar and chain on the saw worked wonders and over the course of the weekend, I was able to make up what I think is close to half a cord of firewood. Mostly hardwood, (maple) while the rest is fir which makes good kindling. I also split almost every chunk of it as soon as I had it cut up, so now all I have to do is wait for it to dry. If all goes well, it should be OK for burning in the spring, although by next fall it should be even better.

Here is a picture of the fruits of my labour….

This was a power weekend for me, perhaps because my wife’s amazing recovery has given me new hope and a second wind, I also took the wharf apart and have it safely tucked away in our cove, ready to ride out the fall winds and winter ice. I am going to renew it next year anyway. Docks and wharves only last for a few years at the best of times.

Coming up in my next post, some interior pictures of the cottage, per a request from one of my blogger buddies, including a couple of pictures that may make you wonder if our cottage is haunted…..yup…haunted….

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Big Pile of Wood”

  1. I bet being at the cottage was very healing for your wife. If I wasn’t feeling well – the 1st place I would want to be is at our cabin.
    By the way – impressive stack of wood. My hubby needs to get a cracking!

  2. That is a day and a half of wood cutting and splitting…not bad for an old guy…Yes, I think Wendy enjoyed the weekend immensely, considering there was a point when she was wondering if we would ever get their again.