Cutting Down Trees and Planting Trees

Well….now that in my last post I have successfully alienated folks from everywhere in the world except Michigan….what am I going to write about? I guess whatever it is better have a Michigan cottage / outdoor slant to it or I am pretty much done….I really didn’t mean that folks from places other than Michigan were not nice people….well anyway…

I had some good news today, a good friend of mine did me a favor and tracked down a couple of new chains and a new bar for my Sachs Dolmar chain saw. He delivered them to me this evening, so as soon as I can get to the cottage, some of the old almost dead spruce and fir trees are coming down.

I’ve been putting it off for a couple of years to be honest. I have a small area of the cottage lot that is still forested, and it’s my plan to leave it that way. However, a blight of some kind took hold in the fir trees a few years ago and for the most part they have died. Now they are becoming a hazard in terms of falling down on the neighbors, so they have to go and soon, before the winter.

The good news is, there are quite a few young spruce, maple and fir trees coming up underneath the old ones, so the woodlot will continue, and it will make an excellent privacy screen between my cottage and the neighbors.

I have written about this before, but it’s worth mention again, leave the chainsaw in the garage as much as possible. Don’t go hog wild at the cottage and cut down all the trees, especially along the shoreline. You want as many trees and bushes as possible to protect your cottage lake from runoff as well as provide food and cover for fish, birds and other wildlife.

I might sound hipocritical saying that, considering that I just wrote about getting a new bar and chain for my saw, but I intend to be very selective in my cutting, as well as leaving lots of brush piles for small animals to hide under. Cutting will also promote some new growth, probably some hardwood shoots too, that make good winter browse for deer, rabbits and other small animals.

I have also spent a fair bit of time replanting trees around the cottage, some of them strategically to protect us from winter winds, some to protect us from prying eyes and some just because it looked like a spot that needed a tree. I enjoy planting trees and watching them grow, more than planting a garden. I also enjoy watching the view plane change from either trees growing, or trees coming down. It adds a little variety to the place, a change of scenery so to speak.

I am doing the same thing in my urban backyard here in the city. I planted several trees this year in a bid to give some of my backyard back to the animals. I don’t need the grass to cut, I would rather watch the trees grow….by the time they are big enough to come down, my ashes will be scattered in the winds on my cottage lake…..and my wife and kids wondering where I hid my last will and testament…..

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One thought on “Cutting Down Trees and Planting Trees”

  1. This was another timely post. I was just discussing w/ Greg that we have some older leaning trees too close to the cabin that could present a problem if we have a rough northern michigan winter. I think we are going to need to cut some down unfortunately!