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Remember how I had written about my troubles getting insurance on my cottage? And then it had worked out? I had given in to the insurance company demands, got the stove certified etc, and I wrote the conclusion to my cottage insurance woes?

Well…seems I was premature….even though I had paid the cottage insurance policy and was on my way, happy that I had the cottage insured for fire damage at least, I was wrong. I received an email late yesterday from my insurance agent, who told me ‘his underwriter’ now wants the electrical panel certified by a qualified electrician, and probably replaced….replaced!!

That’s a $1000 job at least. By the time you do all the stuff needed to satisfy an inspector, you are into it for some money. The electrical panel that is there was installed by a qualified electrician around 30 or 40 years ago. It hasn’t caused any fires since then, but they would like me to think that the wires might have ‘broken down’ since then. I know as soon as an inspector looks at it, they are going to say it needs to be updated, the same as they would for almost any installation that old. But there are 40 year old electrical panels in houses from one end of this country to another. For that matter, the power is only on in the place for about six months a year, if that. We shut it off in the winter.

So here we go again, the insurance company wants my money on a sure thing. What’s next, an alarm system? a security guard stationed outside the door? no one under 18 admitted? A sprinkler system? Fire hydrant in the living room? No cooking in the kitchen?

Well, I’m not doing that, I am just not. I haven’t got the money for that, and I refuse to jump through any more burning hoops for these guys. I realize they are trying to minimize their risk, but that kinds of flies in the face of what they do in my mind. They insure against risk, they charge exhorbinant prices because of risk, and that’s how they make money, loads and loads of money. I would start an insurance company myself if I could make sure there was no possible way for the places I insure to burn down.

So, I told my agent to cancel the cottage insurance policy and refund my money. I should get it all back, because I only paid it last week, and obviously I wasn’t insured. He had no business accepting my money and signing the policy if he didn’t know what the requirements of the insuring company were.

So I am back to square one, no insurance on the cottage. This is turning out to be more hassle than I could ever have imagined.

Stay tuned, I am sure this is not over….

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