Cottage Ghosts?

My blogger buddy, Shelley, over at Building A Log Cabin mentioned that it was time for me to post some photos of the interior of our little camp. However, our place pales in comparison to her lovely log home or at least I thought it did until I discovered that I think we have something that she doesn’t….a ghost…who shows up for the pictures.

I was taking a few shots of the interior of the cottage on my digital camera, when I noticed something rather strange showing up in the pictures, particularly the pictures that include my wife. To the imaginative person, like me, it was kind of spooky…I almost slept in the car that night…

So here are a couple of the pictures that show something other than the room…..

And another…..

For those of you who don’t believe in ghosts at the cottage, here is a normal pic of the inside of the cottage.

Here is the kitchen with our homemade pine cabinets.

So…perhaps just a camp, nothing special, or perhaps a camp with some spirits living there….that is special….

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3 thoughts on “Cottage Ghosts?”

  1. I think your ghosts are guardian angels! :-)

    I love the pine cabinets! And I also like the brick setting that your fireplace is on – very cozy!!

    Your place is very nice! Greg & I will be over for tea shortly…


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