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Building A Log Cabin

My blogger buddy, Shelley, over at Building A Log Cabin has some interesting photos of the interior of her newly constructed log home. Her very beautiful newly constructed log home.

I have come to the conclusion that I like the interior pictures better than the outside pictures and I think I know why….

Interior pictures are a little on the voyeuristic side, the viewer gets to see what goes on inside a house or cottage, including the layout, the furniture and the room sizes etc. For some reason I find those pictures interesting.

Sure, the pictures of Shelley’s home from the outside are nice too, it’s in a nice location, and it’s a log cabin, what’s not to love. But to truly appreciate the log cabin living feeling, I like seeing what’s on the inside.

Perhaps too, it’s because it gives me ideas for my own cabin interiors, albeit not a log cabin, but a cabin nonetheless. Seeing what others have done to decorate the cabin interiors gives me ideas for my own….wait….maybe that means I have an interest in interior decorating….wait maybe that means…..nooooooo it must mean something else…..

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t come across an empty cabin in the woods, or on a lakeshore and taken a peek to see what’s inside? um….now don’t say you didn’t, because I know you did…that is what the Homeland Security 850 Motion Activated Color Cam with Remote VCR Activationis for….

The interiors of cabins are particularly interesting, perhaps because cabins seem to be places where folks have old stuff, old interesting stuff, like an old Remington Arms or Winchester calender on the wall, old furniture, perhaps an old fishing rod, or a stuffed deer head. The kind of stuff that interests me, and harkens back to earlier days.

It’s interesting to look inside at cabin interiors and imagine the people and the lives that were lived there.

There is a one room log cabin at the head of our cottage lake, accessible by boat, and when I was younger, a trip up to ‘the head of the lake’ wasn’t complete without a peek inside the log cabin.

There wasn’t really anything unusual inside of it, but I could always imagine people staying there, hunting deer or moose, or fishing in the river beyond the doorstep. I used to dream that someday I would stay in it….but I never have….dammit….

So if you are feeling a little curious, drop on over to Shelley’s cabin
and have a look around, she will welcome you with open arms.

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  1. Rob – once again you are too kind to mention my blog – thank you! I have to admit – I am voyeuristic too – I love seeing the inside of cottages, cabins and old homes. Speaking of which – when are you going to post your interior cabin photos?? :-)
    Hope your wife continues to do well!

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