WETT Certification For The Woodstove

Well….it’s 9:50 p.m. and we are just finished unloading from a weekend at the camp, and what a weekend it was…I finally got my Wood Energy Technician to come to the cottage to certify our woodstove installation. That went very well, we passed with flying colors and he gave me the much needed WETT Certification to keep the great satans at bay (read insurance companies)…they call the shots these days….

The certifier looked the stove over, read the minimium distances on the back plate of the stove, then measured the distance from the wall, wiggled the chimney pipe to make sure it was secure, then went outside and looked up at the chimney. He declined my offer of a ladder so he could get on the roof and have a close up look.

He was satisfied with my installation, assured it was in accordance with ‘code’ whatever ‘code’ it is…and signed the paper indicating the stove met with WETT Certification. I paid him the $50 charge and he was on his way. Finally the stove is certified, and I can get the insurance renewed on the old place. The next battle is going to be getting the best insurance for the money. The original quote was pretty sad, expensive and only for fire, no theft, vandalism etc, and it was still expensive, so I am going to have to look into that. I want a little more than just fire insurance. I can’t believe how difficult it can be to spend money sometimes….

So, the lesson is, if you are installing a new wood burning device in your cottage, and you want insurance, be sure you follow the code for your area and make sure it is up to WETT (Wood Energy Techology I don’t know what the last “T” stands for) standards, follow the minimum clearances on the stove and make sure you have fire proof materials underneath it. Also, the shield behind the stove must be out from the wall, (one inch in my area) and have room for air to circulate behind it. The chimney has to be solid, all joint held in place with at least three sheet metal screws….and so on…don’t take my word for it, find out from your local authorities, (the wood stove store for example) what is required and follow it. You don’t want to have to rip stuff apart to redo it.

There…the saga of WETT certification has come to a close….

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