Sunday Afternoon Pontoon Boat Ride

Today was one of those wonderful cottage life days that don’t come around often enough. Our neighbors at the cottage just bought a Starcraft Pontoon boat, and invited us out for a cruise.

Of course that was music to my wife’s ears, she has been wanting a pontoon boat for several years now, and I have been resisting…well I am afraid my resistance is running low…

These pontoon boats are wonderful things. The one we were on today is about 20 feet long, open at the bow, with a nice canopy over the stern and comfortable seating all around for about 10 people. There were six of us this afternoon and it was great. Powered by a 40hp Mercury outboard, it cruised along nicely, although we were only going slow much of the time.

We also saw three sailboats racing around some buoys they had placed in the middle of the lake, which was an added bonus, as sailboats have not been too popular on our lake in the past. Today it was quite nice to see them in action.

Very relaxing boating indeed. You can get up, walk around, lay down on the bench in back, sit under the roof or sun yourself on the swivel chairs on the bow. Here are the girls getting ready for the inaugeral Sunday afternoon cruise in the new pontoon boat.

Don’t worry, that is orange juice and ice water in those glasses…..

Following the boat ride, we headed back to the cottages for a lovely supper of pork chops, hodge-podge and blueberry pie. (Hodge Podge is fresh beans, carrots, peas, potatoes all cooked on one pot, I belive with a little milk thrown in) Wonderful tasting supper, shared with good company. Couldn’t ask for more than that. I remember thinking, this is one of the nicer things about cottage living, good neighbors and friends.

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  1. I gave my husband a 24 hour deadline to read your post on pontoon boats. (I have been pleading my case for one…as well as the Bernese mountain dog…)

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