Loons In The Bathroom

Some folks….you know who you are….like to decorate their homes and cottages with a theme…stuff like fishing, animals, like moose or deer or perhaps waterfowl, like..um…loons…Others, like to decorate various rooms in their log houses with different themes, perhaps a moose in the living room and well…a loon in the bathroom…now around our place, there is often some discussion about the ‘pig who was in the bathroom’ but not much is said about loons…so maybe our bathroom is more suitable for a farm theme…however, I digress….

There is no shortage of loon stuff to decorate a home or cottage, although I have heard it is difficult to find a shower curtain with a loon theme…but mirrors, they are a different story. For instance, if you had a nice new log home with a loon theme in your powder room, you might like to have something like this Etched Mirror – Loons Waterfowl Art Etching, Octagon Shaped Solid Oak Framed Wall Mirror to look into as you brush your teeth in the morning….

This handsome 28″ octagonal mirror features some remarkable detail in the etching that captures the fine art of award winning artist Harlan Zieska. It’s framed in a solid oak frame with a hand rubbed finish.

Loons apparently aren’t popular motif’s for shower curtains, or at least aren’t easy to come by, but a nice duck hunting scene by Terry Redlin might be nice, especially one like this duck hunting shower curtain

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