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Over the last couple of years, since I began writing a blog, I have run across some very nice people and some very talented people too. I have been fortunate to be able to call some of these folks friends, or at the very least, blogging acquaintances. However, the ante has been upped a little today and I am truly honored….

One of the bloggers I admire is a lady from Michigan who is a very prolific blogger in her own right, and a very talented one as well, writing three blogs on a regular basis. She tagged me in a post yesterday to reveal my three favorite books for cottage reading and while she tagged me, she referred to me as “my buddy” and no finer title could I be handed….

I’m talking of course about Shelley Martinez, author of Building A Log Cabin, Birding In Michigan and Northern Michigan Experience All three of them are fantastic blogs and well worth your time to read.

You might have guessed from the titles of Shelley’s blogs that she and her husband Greg, (who I am told is a very nice fellow) live in a log cabin in Northern Michigan, answering the call of the wild, building a log cabin home in the woods….I am jealous…

Shelley is more than a talented writer/blogger, she is also quite an accomplished photographer as far as I am concerned, particularly the photo’s on her Birding in Michigan and Northern Michigan Experience blogs. I always enjoy checking out the photo’s on her posts and I know you will too.

Shelley and Greg’s blog Building A Log Cabin, is a terrific resource for anyone considering building a log cabin. Her posts (I say ‘her’ because although Greg might be a nice fellow, I think he leaves most of the blogging to Shelley) document the trials and tribulations, the highs and even the lows of building a log cabin home. She is speaking from experience and showing us how it is done from the ground up. Shelley’s posts cover everything from digging the foundation to the roof and then some. Now she is doing the interior decorating and I’m getting some great ideas for the cottage from her posts. I am not the only one who thinks Shelley is a blogger with talent, Google thinks so too, recognizing her blog as a “Blog of Note” on February 12, 2008. Something mere mortal bloggers like yours truly can only dream about….

I can’t say enough about Shelley, she is a fine blogger, photographer and now she and Greg have a company to help others become owners of log homes. They are representatives for Hiawatha Log Homes, and you can find out about their company, here at Elk Country Log Homes

Oh yes…as I said at the beginning of this post, Shelley tagged me to name my three favorite books for ‘log cabin reading’ I came up with Walden by Henry David Thoreau, Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, and a recent novel by a writer I just came across, C.J. Fox called Winterkill (A Joe Pickett Novel)

Thanks Shelley for thinking of me….

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  1. Rob – you choked me up with tears! Thank you so much for your kind words! Coming from someone who I consider to have an exceptional blog full of interesting stories and information – it is a true compliment!
    (I need to go get another kleenex now!)

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