Lawn Mower Turned Boat Roller

As part of my plan to clean up some of the junk that has accumulated in my shed at the cottage I started the big cleanup this weekend. Among my accumulated junk I now have not one lawnmower that doesn’t work, I have three….two of which are absolute junk, one has some salvagable parts.

So I started by taking them apart. That is always fun. I am pretty good at taking stuff apart, especially small engines. Of course I have no ability when it comes to putting small engines back together, that is probably why I have three lawnmowers that don’t work….

As I was taking the engine off of one of the old mowers I came to the conclusion that the deck and wheels of the old mower were still useful. I am just not sure for what yet, but I have one plan to make a little wagon out of it. All that will take is a couple of holes drilled in the body and some rope, presto I will have a cart for pulling heavy stuff around.

Then I got thinking….and you know what that means…the old creative juices flowing…no wait that was beer that was flowing, but nonetheless, something was flowing….and here I am with a lawmmower which is now a cart, and a boat that needs to be pulled up….so….

Here is the plan. I am going to make a few modifications to the ramp I use to pull my aluminum boat up, which consists mostly of making a track for the lawnmower wheels to sit in. Then, a little ‘rack’ made on the mower to hold the keel of the boat, and presto! I will be able to roll my boat up the side of the bank from the lake with ease….

My cottage property is not high from the lake, but I suppose I have about a six foot lift. Being able to roll the boat up and down should make it a lot easier to get it in and out of the water and I will be recycling. Instead of throwing the old mower into the landfill, it will have a new use….a new reason for being.

OK…perhaps I have had enough of the creative juices for one night…..

I will let you know how my boat roller project turns out! Watch for it!

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