High Water For August

I dunno if it is a sign of global warming or climate change, but this year the water is higher in our cottage lake than it has been in August in my memory. And I can remember a lot of Augusts…I remember at least 40 of them.

Usually in August I am wondering if I should add a section to my wharf and extend it out to get enough water to float my boat. This year I had to bring a section in and make quite a few modifications as it was floating away from the shoreline. Mind you it is great for boating and wonderful for swimming being able to jump in right off the end of the wharf, but I can’t help but wonder about whether this is just a fluke or if it is a real sign of climate change.

I have to admit, I do like the water high. Just being able to wade about three steps into the lake and be swimming is a plus, and it must be good for the salmon heading up rivers to spawn. One of the reasons for the demise of the Atlantic Salmon around my end of the world is because come late summer when they were in the rivers, the rivers dried up, this year that doesn’t seem to be an issue. So maybe the high water will bring good salmon fishing in the next couple of years….I can hope…remind me sometime to tell you about when I had salmon fishing sickness….it was bad….I was practically sleeping in my chest waders….but that is a story for another day…

In the meantime, here is how I found my wharf last week when I arrived at the cottage….

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