Cowboy Hat

You may be wondering why I would be writing about a Cowboy Hat on a blog about cottages and cottage life. Well…I want you to be stylin’ when you are around your camp or cottage and this hat has the power to make you one of the coolest cottagers on the lake.

This is the Shady Brady Hat 1DW13: Crushable Cowboy Hat – Vented, Tri-Concho Band with Chinstrap and I think it’s perfect for around the cottage or on the lake. It’s crushable, so if your wife steps on it the hat will bounce back into shape. It will stand up to water, which of course is important should you decide to jump in the lake to cool off and speaking of keeping cool, the wide brim keeps the sun off your face and neck and the vents help to keep you cool.

But wait, there is more…this hat has a chinstrap, which means when you are blasting down the lake in your 18′ boat with the 90 horsepower outboard at full throttle your hat is going to stay on your head.

If you are out in the garden, the sun is going to stay off your head, and if you take it off to swipe at a fly, don’t worry, the hat will keep it’s shape. Stick it back on your head and you’ll be the coolest cottage gardener around.

Of course, nothing is cooler for a evening around the fire than the guy in the cowboy hat playing the guitar and singing…you do play guitar and sing don’t you? Well, if you do, this hat is going to make you sound better. I mean let’s face it, why else do the country music stars like Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith wear cowboy hats? It isn’t to keep the sun off their heads when they are singing their hits in an indoor concert. It’s because a cowboy hat magically makes a country singer sound better….

Take this guy for instance…he badly needs a cowboy hat, everyone knows you cannot sing properly in a stocking cap.

C’mon…sing one we all know!

On the other hand, what about this one from ‘Big Smitty’? Notice the hat?

I’d like to have him at the campfire…..

I think that both of these singers might benefit from something like this e-book It just might make the evenings with a campfire and a guitar a little more fun for everyone!

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