Cottage Chronicles Tow It All

Hey cottagers! We’re just back from a week’s vacation at the cottage. It was fantastic…didn’t want to come back to the real world. I’ve probably got lots to report but my wife insists that I show you my latest cottage creation….she says it might give my readers a better idea of just what kind of person they are reading….at first I thought she meant it in a nice way, but now not so sure, she just went off to bed giggling….

Anyway…as I think I mentioned in a previous post I had an old lawnmower that bit the dust, actually three of them. So what do you do with an old lawnmower? Well I believe in recycling as much as possible so I just couldn’t see it all go to the trash, besides, the wheels still work. So…I figured I could use a little cart to drag stuff around outdoors and sure enough…I already put it to use. Here is a picture of my little lawnmower turned cart….

The 2X4 is bolted to the top for two reasons, one it allows me to carry a wider load and two, I can tie a rope over whatever item I am dragging around. For example, I decided I wanted to move the sawhorse from one side of the cottage property to the other, so….I had two choices, I could carry it, risking a sore back, or I could put it on the Cottage Chronicles Tow-All and tow it…you guessed it. I towed it….

It made moving stuff soooo much easier and with the patented rope tie down…well there was no danger of the cargo shifting or falling off….

Ok…others might charge you $99 for the plans to make this wonderful implement of cottage country, but not me…I will tell you how to do it for free. Get an old lawnmower…I can send you one…LOL and take the motor off of it…just a few bolts and you are done. Drill a few holes in the mower body, two for a rope and two to accept the bolts that you will use to bolt on a 2X4 or…if you want the deluxe version, use two 2X6’s instead of a 2X4…..

There ya go…rememeber you saw it here first….

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