Blue Cottage Lake Water

I was looking for a picture tonight for another post, when I came across this little snapshot that I took this summer out in the boat. I don’t remember when I took it, but it must have been a beautiful morning on the lake. This is about a mile or so from my cottage, cruising in the direction we refer to as “up the lake”

I don’t know if you have noticed on your lake, but on ours, which is about 12 miles long, that folks at one end refer to it as going ‘up the lake’ while folks on the other end say the same thing. Apparently ‘up the lake’ refers to the opposite direction from where your cottage is located. But…if I go up the lake in the boat, and then decide to head home, I am heading ‘down the lake’

Our lake is rather unique in a sense that it is part of a series of lakes and rivers that connect together, eventually emptying in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, to some degree, our lake is really a very wide river, although some would argue that. But looking at it on a map, the similarity to a river is very clear to me…to me…I dunno about anyone else….But regardless of whether it is a lake or a river, like any body of water in the wilderness, it has it’s own unique beauty, and in this case, in this picture, it’s the water reflecting the clear blue sky.

Lord I wish I was there now instead of getting up to go to work…..

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