Rope Swings

This is one of those things that goes hand in hand with summer at the cottage…a rope swing, preferably over water. Our own cottage lake has one, that is idea for swinging and jumping off from. It’s a steep rock cliff that rises out of the lake and is surrounded by very deep water. There has been a rope swing on an overhanging tree as long as I can remember and I can remember back about 40 years.

Although I grew up around it, I only swung off the thing once, and because I was and still am a fraidy cat…I didn’t let go of the rope, swung back and cut my foot open on a rock…first and last time for me on the old rope swing. I still have a pencil thin scar on the bottom of my foot to remind me.

But that was me and that was years ago. Here are a couple of girls enjoying a similar rope swing on their lake, looks like fun.

Remember kiddies, rope swings are lots of fun but are also very dangerous, be careful, always have a spotter in a boat and don’t try any foolish stunts. And if you can’t swim, stay off the rope swing….

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