Poulan Chainsaw

This past weekend I was surveying the cottage woodlot, which is a pretentious way of saying I was looking at a few old spruce and fir trees that are growing on the edge of our vacant lot. The trees are a mixture of old black spruce with some white spruce thrown in for good measure and a couple of poplars.

Altogether they wouldn’t add up to much firewood, but they are better than nothing and nothing is about the state of our woodpile these days. Besides that, the trees seem to have some kind of blight and are mostly dead or dying, it’s time for them to come down so some new ones can get started.

With that in mind I dug out the old Sachs Dolmar chainsaw, and gave it a heft. I believe the old chainsaw has gotten heavier since I bought it twenty some years ago. Heavier and more cantankerous when it comes to starting.

I was much younger and stronger when I bought it, choosing a heavy commercial style chainsaw over a lighter weight saw that would have done the job. I think at the time I figured we had more trees than we did. I also had a stronger back….

My old Sachs Dolmar chainsaw is a six horsepower, almost as big as an outboard motor and requires Paul Bunyan arms if you are going to use it all day. I am a blogger…I have chicken little arms…sorry ladies, I know that comes as a nasty surprise but Paul Bunyan I ain’t….

So I have started scoping out new chainsaws. I went down to Canadian Tire, they have a Poulan Pro 16-Inch 38 cc Anti-Vibration Chainsaw just like this one from Amazon.

I have been looking at Poulan Chainsaw on and off now for sometime, trying to decide if it would be a suitable replacement for my old Sachs Dolmar Chainsaw which has done yeoman service over the years.

16 Inch Chainsaw Bar

According to the Amazon information The Poulan Pro 16-inch 38 cc anti-vibration chainsaw has a 16-inch bar, allowing a cutting capacity of 32 inches in diameter. I like that, I don’t cut too many 32 inch trees, but I do like the extra length of the bar, probably because I equate that with a powerful enough engine to do the job.

This Poulan chainsaw has an anti-vibration system that is supposed to isolate the engine from the chassis, which reduces vibration which should make it easier and more pleasurable to use.


The Poulan also has an inertia-activated chain brake, an important safety feature which stops rotation of the chain should kickback occur. That’s standard on most saws these days. Kick back, where the chainsaw jumps back if the front of the blade and chain fetch up on something forces the saw back toward the operator and can be lethal, so anti-kickback features are a must have.

Another feature that I like is automatic chain oiling. You don’t have to remember to pump the chain oil all the time as you do on some of the older saws. Forgetting to pump the oil will damage the chain and bar and reduce the effectiveness of the chainsaw. The Poulan chainsaw has automatic oiling that lubricates the bar and chain continually.

Poulan Chainsaw Features

The Poulan Pro has the following features:

2.1 CUIN, 35CC, 2-Cycle Engine,
Heavy Duty Forged Crankshaft & Connection Rod,
DuraLife Extended Life Engine,
Anti-Vibration Handle,
Automatic Chain Oiler,
EPS Effortless Pull Starting System, (gotta like that)
Professional Style Chain Brake,
Patented Tool-Free Chain Tensioning System,
Super Clean Air Filtration System,
Weighs about 13 pounds.

Perhaps the best part is it comes fully assembled in the box and it has a one year warranty and it’s 50-State/EPA Compliant.

I’m not promoting the Poulan Chainsaw in the strictest sense of the word, however, considering the price, (it’s not expensive) and the features, it looks like it might be a pretty good chainsaw and not as heavy as my current saw.

What I don’t know is if it will stand up to a day of wood cutting, I have all those old spruce and poplars to deal with and I don’t want a saw that overheats or tires out after the first tree.

Your Opinion?

If anyone has had any experience with the Poulan chainsaws, I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, I am liable to buy one, and if I do, you can count on me telling you how it works out.

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4 thoughts on “Poulan Chainsaw”

  1. Sounds like a winner! The only ones we have any experience with are Stihl and Echo. I have a little 14 inch Echo that is very light and easy to use; cuts like butter, but it’s just for the smaller stuff obviously, like fallen limbs and firewood.

  2. “Anti-vibe” means 2 little springs connecting the handle to the motor. They break (surprise). I would not recommend “anti-vibe”. I LOVE my Poulan 2150- love-love-love it. 16 inch. always starts, cheap chains and bars (oregon/wal-mart).