Lots of Rain Means High Water

Yesterday we had about 100 millimeters of rain fall that brought our rivers, lakes and ponds up from what was becoming record low water levels for the month of July. So the rain was certainly a welcome weather happening, but during the rain I was looking out the window at my office and thinking about my aluminum boat and motor pulled up on the shore at the cottage and of course my old wharf which was built for low water conditions.

I’ve been down this road before at the cottage, a day a heavy rain and that lake is going to come up, fast. So I knew a cottage trip was in the offing. Knowing that it usually takes until at least the next day to see the water level rise any appreciable amount, I was able to put off my trip until tonight. But as soon as I got home I grabbed the wife, stuffed her in the car and we took off for the cottage. We are lucky that it is only about a 50 minute drive each way, so going down and back tonight was no problem.

Sure enough as we drove we noticed the washed out culverts, ponds overflowing, and lakes that had come up several feet on the shoreline already, so I pressed a little harder on the gas in my little Chev Tracker and we got there in record time.

The boat was on the shoreline where I left it, but the shoreline was all but gone as the rising lake encrouched on the lawn. The boat, with the outboard motor bolted to the back was full of water from in front of the middle seat to the stern and water was lapping over the top of the stern. Got there just in time.

I used a bucket to bail it out and then with the wife helping, we pulled the boat up on the shoreline, in fact right up on the lawn, and tied it up. It’s a 14 foot Princecraft Fisherman model aluminum boat, so it isn’t too heavy, very managable, especially in situations like this.

Once the boat was secured, I tied a few more ropes to the wharf which is now floating quite high and in danger of coming apart, so I tied it to keep it attached to the shore should it break up in high waves before I get back on the weekend.

I’m thankful for the small things, like remembering to get down there when I did and pull the boat up. There have been other instances where I wasn’t thinking about it, and my wharf floated away and the boat is full of water which stresses the seams etc and does bad things to the outboard motor should it have become covered with water.

The sun was shining today, and it was flat calm on the lake making for a beautiful night to visit the camp. Going to pull the boat up was as much an excuse to go there as it was an emergency….

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