Crazy Loons Entertaining Cottagers

Hi All, we’re just back from the cottage after about a week there, and what a week! Great weather, too hot for working, so other than putting the wharf in the water and doing a little puttering around the camp, I had a relaxing time. But the highlight happened today when the family of loons that have been visiting the cove all week decided to put on a little show. It worked out great, we had a couple of friends drop by and we were on the front lawn when all hell broke loose! The loons gave us quite an entertaining few minutes. I’m not sure what set them off, maybe my red adirondack chair on the wharf…I had just put the wharf in yesterday so maybe they were a little surprised to find it….i dunno….

Actually I believe this is a family of loons, and the young ones were causing some trouble to Mom and Dad Loon…notice the fellow in the upper left corner of the screen, he did quite a little run before he came back. Maybe they were all yelling at him. It could also have something to do with a school of fish they found, or just crazy loon antics….maybe that is where the term ‘looney’ comes from or ‘crazy as a loon’ Actually I think it is a picture of mother nature at work, the young ones are learning how to spread their wings and in no time they will be flying. I have seen this before but never quite this close, and not with a camera in my pocket. The young fella in the upper left corner kept going round and round, it’s only a matter of time until he gets some air!

Whatever it was, it was fun to watch. There were six of them in the cove at the same time, they all swam in at once like a fotilla of ships coming up the harbour. Later on after they moved on, two more dropped by and hung around for most of the day. I have some pics of them. But by the grace of good luck, and carrying my little Olympus Stylus Verve 4 Digital Camera in my pants pocket, I not only got some pictures, I got a video….watch this and turn your sound on if you like loons!!

This is also a good opportunity to show off the fine cottage craftmanship of my wharf…..oh boy…don’t look to close…I pieced together a bunch of old parts I had left over and resurrected the old wharf for one more year….next year it will be nicer I promise….

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