Cottage Insurance

Is it just me or does anyone else feel kind of ripped off after dealing with an insurance company? I am trying to get insurance on the cottage which is proving more difficult that you might imagine. Not only is it getting expensive, now the insurance company wants proof of W.E.T certification for my woodstove. W.E.T. stands for wood energy technology or some such thing. You either have your wood stove installed by someone WET certified, or you do it yourself and have to get it certified by someone who has the training and certification to do so….which is fine, except that costs money too.

When I said that to the insurance company, among other things, like, the stove has been there for several years, why is it going to cause a fire now? They said, “oh get the local fire department to certify it.” Yeah…well the local fire department had no one certified to do it, so they send me to a company that does it….for a price….

That’s not all, even with the certification, the insurance is getting pretty pricey, somewhere in the vicinity of $500 for a $130,000 of insurance coverage. Considering last year the insurance was about $274 I consider that quite a jump. But I can’t get it without the W.E.T> certification first, and lord knows if that will even pass. It was installed to the specs, but it’s been my experience that private inspectors often have lots to gain from doing inspections….

Insurance is becoming a white collar crime these days if you ask me. I’m starting to consider whether or not I actually need it. I know some of my other neighbors who have chosen to take the risk, not just because of the high cost, but also the demands of the insurers.

But of course they have ya where it counts because when I think about going without insurance I immediately start worrying that will be the time when something happens. But yet, I can’t help thinking they want me money and they also want me to spend lots more essentially insuring them…WET certification on the woodstove, do you have a burglar alarm? How old is the oil tank? How close are the trees? How close is the lake? When was the septic tank pumped? What is floor made of? What are the walls covered with? How old is the roof? How often do you use it? Where is the nearest neighbor? Where is the nearest fire department? Any fire hydrants around? (It’s on a lake for heaven’s sake)
By the time I satisfied all their issues I would spend a fortune and I bet they would still want close to $500 for insurance. It might be less hassle to buy life insurance on a crash test dummy…

But…tomorrow I will call the company that does the W.E.T. certifications, and I will pay whatever I have to in order to get the certification, then I will write them a cheque for the insurance….what can ya do?


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