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My wife and I strayed from the cottage this weekend, instead we went on a little camping adventure, something we like to do about once or twice a year. We go for a couple of reasons, one, it’s a little change of pace and a change of scenery, and two, our friends go, it’s kind of an annual event. I suppose there is a third reason, we always appreciate the cottage when we come back….

Yup…camping is OK, in fact we’ve had many a happy camping trip, especially when the kids were younger and we wanted them to experience more than just the cottage. It’s still kind of fun, but I think as I grow older the idea of sleeping in a tent or even in the back of the van is less than appealing. Of course things might be different in a pop-up camper or a travel trailer etc, but I know I don’t want to sleep in a tent anymore.

Usually we sleep in the back of our van, a Dodge Caravan, and it’s a damm sight more comfortable, drier, warmer and I feel safer than I did in a tent. For one thing the doors lock…I like that…secondly I can see out. I like that too.

With the back seats out the van makes a nice camper. We have a small screen room tent to put over a picnic table for a dining room and we’re good to go, especially in a park with amneties, like water and power.

Exploring new places and doing something different from the cottage thing I believe is a good thing. I spent a good deal of my young life at the cottage and to tell the truth, although I wouldn’t particularly change it, I do think sometimes that I missed out on some experiences, like the campground thing. I managed to catch up on all of that when our kids were younger and I kind of like it. It’s a fairly social event and most of the folks you meet are quite friendly, often from other places and open to conversation.

I also use my camping trips to learn, checking out things like travel trailers, motorhomes, and the like, as well as things like lawn and patio furntiture. Another aspect is the campground itself. There are a lot of similarities with campgrounds and cottages. You can get ideas like how to build a firepit, or outside fireplace. How to build outhouses, and even some landscaping to get the best use of your land. I like to look at some of the permanent trailers in that end of the park, where folks have build decks and patios, and other things to personalize their campsite. Some of it is downright amazing, and the best part is, you can have a pretty good look without exactly trespassing on someone’s property the way you might if you were wandering around looking at other people’s cottages.

So, for me, campground camping is a nice change, a learning experience, and an opportunity to meet some new folks and improve my social skills…sometimes I just like to sit by the pool and girlwatch….almost as much fun as watching the loons at the cottage but not quite…..

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