A Day At The Cottage With My Daughter

I had a great day today. Technically we are on vacation and should be at the camp, where we have been until last night, but my wife had to work today, so we came home and I called my 17 year old daughter and asked her if she wanted to spend a day with her Dad. And she did….so after doing some errands for my own elderly parents I set off to pick up my youngest daughter at her Mom’s around 11 this morning.

First stop was the conservatory of music where I signed her up for 4 vocal lessons, something she has been talking about for months as she is interested in drama and music etc. (I was hoping she would be a wealthy lawyer….) so we got her registered for lessons starting next week. Then it was off to McDonald’s for lunch and then…well what does a 17 year old girl and her 48 year old father do after that? We went to the cottage of course…

First we stopped off home and grabbed our little poodle who wouldn’t want to stay home alone all day while we were at the cottage his favorite place, and I threw the lawn mower in the back of the car and then we were off for the hour drive to the camp. It was a beautiful hot day here today, close to 100 farhenheit so it was a doozy in my little Chevrolet Tracker without air conditioning but we made it.

My daughter and the dog were swimming in no time, splashing around the lake while I struggled to get the damm lawn mower to go. At some point I realized the lawn could wait, it was too hot, besides this was my day with her not the lawn mower. So I grabbed a pair of jeans, cut the legs off and made a swimsuit as mine were all home. The water was surprisingly warm for July, but very refreshing on such a hot day. I swam around a few strokes and then called it quits because of a sunburn on my foot of all places that was causing me some agony in the water for some reason. I sat on the wharf and watched my daughter and our poodle have a great time playing fetch with one of his toys. He would drop it under the wharf where he couldn’t reach it himself and then whine until she swam over and got it for him. I don’t know how many times she got it and threw it for him only to have him do it again. I think he had her outsmarted….

After that, while she changed and got dried off I got the stubborn mower to go and managed to cut the grass where it needed it. Then we set off home. Had supper and went to visit her grandparents. She’s missing her sister out in Alberta as am I, but today just the two of us, we had a great time.

Now I am looking forward to the next one…..

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4 thoughts on “A Day At The Cottage With My Daughter”

  1. You got it Shelly, the lawn can wait, if it never gets cut that is ok with me. I’ll have lots of time to cut the grass, but time with my daughters is too rare.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got your priorities in order. Before too long she’s going to be out on her own, and the lawn will still be waiting. As we found out this summer when our mower was out for repairs, it only gets so tall anyways!