The Majestic Moose

"bull moose" Frequent readers to The Cottage Chronicles know that I have a certain love for what I consider to be the most majestic animal in the North Woods, the Moose. I even have a little Amazon Store dedicated to Moose Themed Cottage Decor

I live in an area where moose are few and far between, not completely extinct, but almost, although occasionally a moose is seen, and in fact I have seen one myself in the woods, about 40 years ago…and I spend a lot of time in the woods..

At one time moose were common around here, in fact very common around the lake where my cottage is located. But around the turn of the century Whitetail Deer took hold in our province, bringing with them a little parasite that apparently didn’t affect the health of a deer, but did a major job on moose. The Deer Tick, a tiny almost microscopic parasite that attached themselves to the moose and eventually their sheer numbers kill the huge animals getting into their brain as I understand it.

Moose Sickness

In fact, it was called ‘moose sickness’ The ticks apparently did a number on the moose around here, and for the most part they disappeared. Except for a pocket of moose left in one end of the province, The few that remain in the remainder of the Province are protected and fines for killing what is known as a ‘mainland moose’ are high.

Even though moose numbers have dimished around here, the moose is still an important part of our history and culture. Native peoples depended on the moose for food and for their hides and fur. Early settlers depended on moose for food. At one time the majestic moose roamed our forests and swamps and truly were majestic.

Moose Antler Chandlier

Moose Themed Cottage Decor where we feature items such as this very nice Faux Moose Antler Chandelier This fantastic chandelier adds northern woods ambience to your decor with its polyresin reproduction moose antlers & forest scenes embossed into the base of the lamp.

Very nice, if you are going for a moose theme around your cottage, how can you not have a couple of these lighting the way?

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  1. If I wasn’t doing the “Loon theme” – I had thought about the moose. (But I do have a moose bathroom.) A lovely animal that i hope to see one day (In Michigan – can only view them in the Upper Peninsula or Isle Royale.)

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