Radio Controlled Boats

How much do you like your cottage neighbors? I hope you do, but, suppose you don’t….maybe they have a lot of late night parties, interrupting the silence of the night, the sounds of Bachman Turner Overdrive on their stereo drowning out the cry of a loon on your lake….or worse…they play a lot of Irish Jigs and Reels….not that there is anything wrong with Irish Jigs and Reels….

Or maybe it’s just because everytime you go to do something around your cottage, he calls the Dept of Environment inspectors or maybe he chases a skunk out from under his cottage, follows it to yours and shoots it underneath your place….you know the neighbor I mean don’t ya?

But if you do know the neighbor I mean, I just might have the answer, all you have to do is fire up one of these radio controlled boats on a nice sunny calm Sunday morning, rev it up and see how fast it will go around in circles, right in front of his cottage….

These radio controlled boats will rip to a top speeds of 35 mph! Ah the fun….

Now doesn’t that look like a great way to wile away an idyllic Sunday morning….

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2 thoughts on “Radio Controlled Boats”

  1. Funny you should mention these. I’ve considered getting one for the hubby to play with. Only problem is, first we’d have to have someone around to bug with it!

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