Folding Boat Seat

Having a small aluminum boat is a handy thing at the cottage. Small aluminum boats are lightweight, economical, virtually maintenance free, and great for fishing or general pleasure boating. Unfortunately a basic aluminum boat is not particularly comfortable.

The seats are usually aluminum bench type seats, or aluminum with plywood over top. There is no back support and in some the seats are low, forcing you to sit uncomfortably with your knees bent. Adding a folding boat seat or two can make an aluminum boat much more comfortable.

Boat Seats Add Comfort and Back Support

A decent boat seat will be padded, have a firm back support and can be mounted in a stationary position or on a swivel, which makes it easy to swing around to operate the outboard or for fishing, hunting etc.

For several years I have only had one folding boat seat for my Springbok fourteen foot aluminum fishing boat and general all purpose camp boat. My Mom bought me a Fold Down Boat Seat like the one in the photo for my birthday many years ago.

That folding boat seat has proven to be a great addition to my Springbok boat, so great that my dear boating partner Wendy claimed it, and whenever we are trout fishing or going for a boat ride, I end up sitting on a lifejacket while she is sitting in comfort. She says it should be like that…I say I am the captain and should have the best seat. You can imagine how well that goes over….

Because I am a little lazy about getting around to doing stuff, that boat seat is not attached to the boat. We just sit it on the built-in boat seat and take it out when we are finished. Of course when I am using the boat alone I move it to my boat seat. However, I am getting a little old for sitting on a life jacket with no back support, so it’s time for me to get a boat seat.

Folding Boat Seat

This week past, when we were on a shopping trip to Bangor Maine, I had a boat seat in the back of my mind, and when I walked into the sporting goods area of Kmart, it jumped to the front of my mind. There it was, a folding boat seat.

In fact, the sporting department had several folding boat seats to choose from including the two tone model shown above. However, for some reason, I was taken with this grey folding boat seat. I think perhaps because it was a little cheaper than the two tone, and the back seemed a little lower. Not a good thing, but I thought maybe better for reaching over for the motor and to reel in one of those BIG fish I am accustomed to catching.

So I bought the Economy Fold Down Boat Seat like the one in the above picture, but I also bought the swivel pin and the Base Plate that I need to mount the seat to the boat, making it swivel easier and signifying that it is mine…all mine. Of course you know that means I will have to buy the swivel base etc for my wife’s seat don’t ya.

Here are a few more folding boat seats, just click the pic to find more information:

I don’t think the backs are high enough on these next seats, but it all depends on what you want to use them for, low profile is a plus for some applications.

This next folding boat seat is a particularly nice one, with a high back, this is the Garelick High Back Premium Fold Down Seat

For those of you who like everything in camo, and these days who doesn’t? This is the
Cabela’s Camo High Back Seat

This next boat seat is really elaborate with padded arm rests, for genuine comfort on the high seas or your favorite fishing lake. This one is Cabela’s SuperDeluxe Big Man Boat Seat

There are several ways of fastening a boat seat to your boat, one way is with a Wise Boat Seat Clamp

You can add a swivel to an existing boat seat like this Action Boat Seat Flat Swivel

Here is an easy to remove boat seat swivel, this is the Removable Universal Boat Seat Swivel

Along the lines of the one above, although a little more pricy, is this Garelick Marine Low Profile Seat Slide and Locking Swivel

As you can see there are lots of choices when it comes to folding boat seats and boat seat mounting hardware. You can also purchase an Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal if that style fits your boat better. For example if your boat has a raised casting deck, or no where to mount a standard swivel seat.

Choosing A Folding Boat Seat

Choosing a folding boat seat depends on the purpose of the seat. Is it for fishing or just comfortable cruising. Do you want to be raised up above the gunwale of the boat for ease of casting or shooting and visibility, or have the seat lower for a lower center of gravity and therefore more stability.
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