The Pleasures of Skinny Dipping

Ya know….there is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with skinny dipping….it’s a combination of naughty and free and not only that, your body slides soooo much easier through the water without the hindrance of a bathing suit.

Now before you go all puritan on me….what the heck….I’m not talking about having sex on the wharf…(although that might be fun too) But what I am talking about is stripping off the clothes and slipping between the waters of the lake, splashing around carefree in the cool water.

Of course it helps if it’s night time, particularly if you are modest or your cottage is surrounded by other cottages and therefore neighbors who will be shocked, offended, disgusted, embarrassed with your nude antics….as they watch you through their binoculars…..and yes, they will be watching.

That’s why skinny dipping requires two things, the darkness of night, or a remote cottage without neighbors, or a third, which is a remote beach you can get to by boat that is private enough for you to drop your drawers and jump in the lake.

Personally, I prefer taking a boat ride to a remote beach about five miles up our lake, where the only one to be disturbed, shocked, etc are the loons and the occasional moose. (OK maybe a fish or two) although I have been known to go for a moonlight dip if the weather is warm, and if the neighbors aren’t around.

I have also become pretty good at taking my bathing suit off underwater and swimming around before pulling it back on. These are talents…maybe my only talents.

If you own a cottage or have access to one, you have to go skinny dipping. It’s a prerequisite to cottage life. Sure, you can pretend you do with a nudge nudge wink wink, or like some of your neighbors, pretend you don’t, but the only person you’re fooling is yourself.

Swimming au natural is something everyone should try at least once.

You need to realize that skinny dipping sounds sexy, and from a voyeuristic standpoint, I suppose it looks sexy, but dropping into the cold water of a lake at night without any clothes is anything but sexy….think of the leeches, the eels and what ever else could be lurking below the placid waters and don’t jump in, that just isn’t safe at night. Walk in, albeit quickly, but walk don’t jump….there you have been warned.

Once you are in the water, forget about the eels, leeches and other nasty stuff and enjoy the feeling of complete freedom as you splash and glide through the water, smiling at your wife or husband watching from the dock thinking you have lost your frigging mind…wave to them, encourage them to join you by saying things like, “C’mon in the water is warm”

It will feel warm, much warmer than in the daytime because the outside air will be actually cooler than the water, leaving you with the impression you are in a bathtub.

Of course that will change when you come out of the water and realize that your wife or husband has taken your clothes and your towel and gone back inside the camp…to talk to the neighbors who just popped over for a visit….

Does anyone else go skinny dipping at the camp? Or is it just me?

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3 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Skinny Dipping”

  1. You’re right – it’s a must do! Nothing better than a secluded beach or remote cabin on a warm day or evening for a swim au naturel! The more you do it, the less you’re concerned about unintentionally offending someone’s sensibilities. I say go SKINNY DIPPING!

  2. Skinny dipping is something that most people (who do it) do as if it were a covert mission. I love doing it a few times a year and I do it in a manner that doesn’t advertise the fact. Night is the best time, especially if more than one participant is involved, for obvious reasons. You would probably be surprised by the number of neighbouring cottagers that secretly perform these “stealth” dips under the cover of night………