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Ahh…Sunday afternoon…home from the cottage…I have those four days at the cottage sore muscles. I can honestly say, I never come home from “the camp” rested.
Well that is not completely true, I suppose I am rested in mind if not body. It is relaxing at the cottage, in a hard work kind of way.

Between pulling on boats, carrying motors, cutting wood with a chainsaw and then spliting it, crawling under the sink to fix a leak in the trap, mowing the grass, repairing the wharf, planting some trees, roto-tilling the vegetable garden and then planting it….swatting flies…digging fishing worms…going fishing, lugging firewood for the woodstove….it’s not damm wonder I am tired out. It’s good we came home when we did I would be dead if I stayed another day….Don’t talk to me about adirondack chairs, we have six of them at the cottage and I never got to sit in one for four days….adirondack chairs…hmmmff…my father always said there were too many chairs around the camp, too easy for people to sit down and not work….

There is always so much to do this time of year and in my exhuberance I think I get carried away and try to do it all at once. My lovely wife is always amazed to see the stuff I can do at the cottage on a weekend compared to all the stuff I don’t do at home the rest of the year….I think she is catching on that I can actually fix some stuff which could become problematic around here….she might start expecting me to fix stuff around home. Can’t have that….

Oh well, enough complaining, we had a great cottage life weekend, complete with loons, blackflies and even a trout that I caught. I cannot complain, I had a great time. It’s gonna be an adjustment to go back to work tomorrow, on the other hand, perhaps I will get a rest….

I’ve got some pictures to upload so I’ll be posting a couple in the next post.

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