As the owner of a lakefront cottage, and the owner of several boats, albeit most of them fairly small, I am always struggling with wharves one way or the other. I have had several types of wharves over the years, from the post hammered into the mud type, to the more elaborate crib type, to my current wharf which is a floating arrangement of floats, walkways, ropes, poles and well…let’s just say it is fairly elaborate.

It’s also hard work to put it together each spring, and take out of the water each fall. In fact, as my youthful vigor fades to middle aged…um…less than youthful vigor, I find it more work than it is worth. Especially with nothing bigger than a
14 foot aluminum boat to tie up to it. So much work that last year I didn’t bother to put it in the water. I missed it a little throughout the summer but I was smiling in September when I didn’t have to worry about taking it out of the water.

So….I have been looking around for a suitable wharf or shoreline arrangement to deal with my aluminum boat. That’s why I decided to click on a Fendock advertisment and see what they had to offer. Well, it turns out they have lots to offer. They have all kinds of wharves, docks, both floating and stationary and lots of other options and accessories to make your wharf a work of art.

I believe Fendock is known as a “dock in a box” shipping their products all over the place to happy cottagers everywhere. The actual company that makes Fendocks makes a lot more stuff and is Fendor Glass and Aluminum (1993) Limited. It’s a Canadian company located near Ottawa.

The original company was founded in 1941 by Frank Fentiman and his son Clarence, and was originally called F. Fentiman & Sons Ltd. The company started selling sash balances, weatherstripping, and sull sash. Over the years the business expanded into overhead doors and aluminum windows and then into large commercial window and curtainwall installations.

The Fentimans retired in 1976 selling their company to two longtime employees, Len Westwell and Peter Royds. Over the years, the business has grown and prospered and diversified with such products as aluminum boat docks, what we know today as Fendocks.

As I browsed their website, I came across this Boat Roller that I think would be perfect for my situation.

It’s a little pricey, but by the look of it should last a long time, and will put an end to my endless rebuilding of wooden ramps to slide my aluminum boat up on.

I’m going to have to consider this or something like it. Now that I have seen one….I want one…..uh-oh…

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