Cottage Happiness Is….

A Dad and his two daughters spending a three day weekend at the cottage together….

Going fishing….

I guess they don’t trust the old man’s boating skills…they wore their life jackets even when they were in the camp….

One fishing from shore, the other demonstrating her rowing skills…

This was one of those “happy/sad” weekends that fathers have to endure sometimes…my two daughters, my babies, are growing up and making their way in the world, much to my chagrin. The oldest one is preparing to head out west for 3 months to work at a children’s camp, and the youngest is has a job that will keep her from me and the cottage for much of the summer. The first part of the weekend was happy for me, but as the three days came to an end I had a lump in my throat that is there as I write this….my little girls are growing up, and I am helpless to stop it.

Hopefully as I send them out into the world they take with them a piece of me, something to always have, along with fond memories of our days together at the cottage, summers full of happiness, and hopefully I will learn to swallow the lonely lump in my throat and learn from the lessons of love they taught me…..

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4 thoughts on “Cottage Happiness Is….”

  1. Aww..very sweet post! I guarantee your daughter will long remember these weekends and will one day bring their families back to your cottage. (By the way – the lake you are on looks beautiful!!)

  2. Thanks Shellmo! I can only hope they remember and return with their families. No matter what, we’ve all got some great memories of growing up at the cottage, both the girls and me…the problem is, these days I seem to be the baby…ha ha!

  3. Your post makes me want to cry! I see the bond our daughter has with my husband and am so happy for them, but saddened because I never had that with my dad. Your daughters and you are very lucky to have the relationship you do.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, I have to admit, it made me cry after I wrote it, didn’t see that coming….considering I am divorced from their Mom, the girls and I have managed to maintain a pretty good relationship through the years and I am seeing the return on that now. I love them dearly….