2008 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck

In keeping with our Cottage Vehicles Week…which has been the longest “week” I know of…tonight’s cottage vehicle contender is a 2008 Toyota Tacoma. Ever since I owned my first Toyota Tercel, and then my second Toyota Tercel, I have been a fan of these fine vehicles. There is a reason why Toyota’s are so popular. One is reliability, resale value and heck…the folks at Toyota know how to make a vehicle people want. You’ll recall our earlier post about the Toyota FJ Cruiser, another great cottage vehicle in my books.

The Tacoma has a lot going for it, including the pickup part, which of course makes lugging all the stuff we cottagers lug, easier. There is no shortage of supplies, materials, fishing gear, kid’s bicycles, food, you name it, that has to be transported to the cottage on the weekends.

Consumer reports lists the 2008 Toyota Tacoma as one of their recommended vehicles, which is good enough for me. Consumer’s said the Toyota pickup truck provided competitive fuel economy, sound handling and “strong performance” from the 4.0 litre V6 engine. They did find the seating position too low, and a stiff ride owing to the off road suspension package. That’s OK with me, I like a stiff ride. Read into that what you will…

Like all of the smaller pickup trucks, the Tacoma payload is not overly big, but the extended crew cab provides room for passengers which is often what you need. I’m sure the pickup bed will carry most of the stuff you normally take to the cottage. I have taken a wife, three kids, a dog and all their luggage and food to the camp in a four door Chevrolet Tracker…I’m sure I can do it with the 4 door Tacoma.

Surprising enough, these trucks aren’t listed as all that expensive, well under $30,000 for a well equipped model. (I suppose that depends on a lot of factors but nonetheless…) Nowadays, that’s not bad for a vehicle. Compare that to a Honda Ridgeline that tops out around $35,000.

Here’s a little video showing some of what a Toyota Tacoma 4X4 can do, pretty impressive actually, he keeps up with a Jeep and at one point tows a Jeep.

The closer I come to making the decision to look for a new vehicle, the more convinced I am that I will be stopping by a Toyota dealership for a look around. Speaking of that I came a little closer today when the driver’s side window jammed up on the Tracker. Now I can’t get it open, because the complicated and hard to work on system of wires and pulleys inside the door is jammed. The braided wire that works the window is frayed and jamming up the mechanism…I worked on it for about two hours tonight, and had to quit when it started raining. Fortunately I was able to get the window up before the rain. I hate working on cars….hate it…

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3 thoughts on “2008 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck”

  1. Buy a Matrix and a trailer. Save the world and haul your stuff.


  2. We bought a 2002 Toyota Tacoma in January. We (me Hubby and son) all fight over it. It is a smooth ride, as well as sporty and classic. We still have a big truck for hauling, but we use this for gas mileage and taking trips. We have five in the family and we all love it.

    We only buy used, but I will keep my eye out on this model when I am ready to buy for me.