Some Spring Cottage Pictures

When I called my 89 year old father last night and asked him if he wanted to go to the camp for the day today, I really didn’t expect his answer, which was an enthusiastic “Do I!!”

So, regardless of the cold and the rain, we set off this morning, around 10 for the first trip of the spring, to the camp as he calls it. Of course I had an agenda, which was to get the water hooked up. We weren’t going just for a drive.

This was the object of my affections today. Crawling under the cottage and getting the old Southern Piston Pump hooked up and the water running into the camp. It actually went rather well, with the exception of one split pipe under the kitchen sink which sprayed water all over the inside of the cupboards and down through the floor…nice….I realized something was wrong when I was under the camp and water started pouring down on me and not from a pipe. It was coming down a hole that had been drilled for to run an electric wire to the pump…nice…
So, after some trial and error, I got the broken pipe replaced, and back in business. The cottage is open for 2008!

Aside from the pump, it was a good day to have a look around the place. A beaver has paid a visit, chewing down a small aspen tree that was growing on the shoreline.

That kind of pissed me off…I liked that tree…a beaver…we haven’t seen a beaver for 20 years….he only ate one tree then I guess he moved along….nice….
The lake looked good though, even though it was not a great day weather wise, still it looked like a lake that needed to be fished, so not today, but next week, I hope to drown a few worms, as soon as I can.

The view from the front yard of the cottage….nice….and finally…here is a picture of my 89 year old Dad walking around the cottage property…

The best friend I will ever have….my Dad…nicest pic of all….
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